Affordable Art Reproduction

Due to the accelerated advances in digital technologies it is now possible to produce near exact copies of an artist's original work at a fraction of the cost.  In years past the artists were required to purchasing large run lithographs which invariable resulted in hundreds if not thousands of unsold paper prints that had been paid for in advance.  In addition to the print cost the artist also shouldered the initial cost of camera set-up and color balancing.

The industry today barely resembles yesterdays workflow.  Today we utilize high definition cameras and image scanners to produce the digital files from which we create and print outstanding reproductions of the artist work.  The typical fees range from $50 to $150 dollars for the services and includes the hi-resolution CD and proof.  Prints can be order now or later.  Artists can now choose to have one print or hundred.  Sometimes the toughest decision is what kind of paper or canvas the image will be printed on.  Once the original has been digitally captured, additional prints are only a phone call or email away.

I also offer what I call 'Archive Only'.  In the event the artist has not decided on a marketing strategy, we simply capture the original and produce a hi-resolution CD for the customer.  All other decisions can be made in the future.

Finally an affordable solution exist for the artist.