About the photographer…


As a Wyoming resident and Casper native, I became intrigued by photography as a student back in 1974. I graduated from both Natrona County High School and Casper College and my hometown education launched me into 30 years of successful careers in real estate, banking and construction. I retired in 2003, but with no intention of quitting work. I was looking forward to pursuing my passion…photography.

I purchased my first digital camera and immediately saw the potential afforded by this new technology. A growing passion for the art form and pursuit of personal creativity led me in a new direction, professional photography.

Next, I opened Focus 51 and began to market my services to the Casper area. As a free-lance photographer my services include business, family and individual portraiture, events and sports photography, and my true passion, landscape and wildlife photography.

The business grew and diversified into a related form of digital technology, Fine Art Reproduction. This business venture services local and regional artists. The high-resolution digital capture system enables the artist to have their original art work digitally photographed, reproduced and professionally printed utilizing state of the art printing equipment, all locally. Recently, Digital Output, a national printing magazine, recognized and published a favorable article featuring this dynamic sector of my business.


I am admittedly passionate, bordering on obsessed, with the art of photography. I know of no other art form that possesses the ability and magic to stop the hands of time, capture the moment, and hand them to you.


…Rod Knowlton


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